Sirui SVM-145 Carbon Fibre Photo/Video Monopod


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  • Rapid One-Step Height Adjustment: Easily adjust the monopod’s height for seamless transitions between shots.
  • Carbon Fibre Build: Lightweight yet sturdy, enhancing portability and durability.
  • Versatile Modular Design: Features a dual-use setup with a monopod and detachable tripod base.
  • 10kg Support: Strong enough to hold various cameras and lenses for high-quality visuals.
  • For Every Level: Boosts stability and adaptability for all photographers and videographers.
  • Mini Tripod Functionality: Base converts for low-angle shots and added stability.
  • Effortless Mounting: Quick-release system for fast camera attachment.
  • Adaptable Foot Options: Comes with both rubber and spiked feet for different terrains.
  • Premium 10-Layer Carbon Fibre: Ensures maximum strength and minimal weight.
  • High Load Capacity: Confirmed to support up to 10 kg, ideal for heavy gear setups.


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The Sirui SVM-145 Carbon Fibre Photo/Video Monopod represents a pinnacle of design and functionality for professional and enthusiast photographers and videographers alike. This premium monopod combines an array of high-end features into a single, versatile tool that enhances shooting stability, flexibility, and efficiency in a variety of environments.

At its core, the SVM-145 boasts a rapid one-step height adjustment mechanism. This innovative feature allows users to quickly and easily adjust the monopod’s height with a simple action, ensuring that you can seamlessly transition between shots and angles without missing a beat. Whether you’re capturing a fast-moving sports event or adjusting your perspective for a breathtaking landscape, the swift adjustability of the SVM-145 ensures your setup is as dynamic as your subject matter.

Constructed from lightweight carbon fibre, the SVM-145 is engineered for the photographer or videographer on the go. The carbon fibre material not only reduces the overall weight of the monopod, making it an ideal companion for long shoots and extensive travel, but it also provides an unparalleled balance of strength and durability. This ensures that your gear remains safe and stable, even in the most demanding shooting conditions.

Further enhancing its utility, the SVM-145 features a modular design that includes both a monopod and an integrated removable tripod foot. This dual functionality allows for a wide range of shooting styles, from mobile and active shooting scenarios where the monopod mode excels, to situations requiring static shots where the stability of a tripod is necessary. The removable tripod foot is designed to provide solid grounding on a variety of surfaces, making it as effective in the studio as it is in the field.

The large 10kg load capacity of the SVM-145 is another highlight, accommodating a wide array of camera and lens combinations. This generous capacity ensures that whether you’re shooting with a lightweight mirrorless setup or a heavier DSLR with a long lens, the SVM-145 will provide the support and stability needed to capture crisp, clear images and smooth, steady video footage.

The Sirui SVM-145 Carbon Fibre Photo/Video Monopod is a masterclass in design and functionality. Its rapid one-step height adjustment, lightweight and durable carbon fibre construction, modular design, and large load capacity make it an indispensable tool for photographers and videographers seeking to elevate their shooting experience. Whether you’re a professional looking for the ultimate in stability and flexibility, or an enthusiast eager to explore new perspectives, the SVM-145 is poised to become your go-to choice for all your shooting needs.





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Sirui SVM-145 Carbon Fibre Photo/Video Monopod Monopod Legs | Landscape Photo Gear |
Sirui SVM-145 Carbon Fibre Photo/Video Monopod
Original price was: $429.00.Current price is: $343.20. inc. GST