Sirui KS-10 Ball Head

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  • Premium Construction: Crafted from high-strength aluminum alloy for maximum durability and lightweight performance.
  • Elegant Design: Features a sleek black finish, enhancing the professional appearance of your photography gear.
  • Versatile Panning: Offers 360° panning rotation with a 360° panorama plate for seamless panoramic photography and an optional quick-release plate for precise adjustments.
  • Optimized Stability: Low gravity design with a 43mm base diameter and a 29mm ball diameter, facilitating stable shots at low heights.
  • Compact and Portable: Measures 79mm in height and weighs 338g, ensuring easy portability without compromising on stability.
  • High Load Capacity: Supports a maximum load of 15kg, suitable for a wide array of camera setups.
  • Quick Release Clamp: Side loading quick-release clamp and flip-lock design for rapid camera mounting.
  • Always Find The Right Angle: Suitable for both uneven terrain and low-angle shooting, ensuring exceptional stability, flexibility, and durability.


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Presenting the SIRUI KS-10 Low Gravity Series Ball Head, the zenith of ingenuity tailored for the discerning photographer who prioritizes unparalleled stability, adaptability, and robustness in their photographic gear. This ball head, a product of precise engineering, marries superior-grade materials with an intricate design philosophy to elevate your photographic journey across diverse landscapes.

Design Aesthetics and Build Quality: Forged from an advanced aluminum alloy, the SIRUI KS-10 epitomizes the blend of durability and lightness. This alloy is celebrated for its formidable strength, ensuring that the ball head stands as a steadfast companion to your camera, resilient against the harshness of the great outdoors and the demands of on-the-go photography.

Visual Appeal: Adorned in an elegant black finish, the KS-10 exudes a professional flair and sophisticated charm. This aesthetic choice not only enhances the visual harmony of your photography setup but also underscores the premium quality of the equipment.

Panning and Rotation Capability: Engineered for optimal flexibility, the KS-10 offers an exhaustive 360° panning rotation. This functionality is augmented by a dual panorama plate system; a 360° panorama plate located at the base for broad adjustments, and an optional quick-release panorama plate for micro-adjustments post camera fixation, ensuring every panoramic shot is seamless and flawlessly executed.

Dimensions for Stability: The KS-10 is designed with a base diameter of 43mm and a ball diameter of 29mm, dimensions that are key to its low gravity feature. This strategic design choice not only bolsters stability but also facilitates shooting from vantage points of extremely low heights, expanding the creative possibilities.

Compactness and Portability: With a height of 79mm and a lightweight profile at 338g, the KS-10 marries compactness with portability. This balance ensures that the ball head can be effortlessly integrated into your photography gear, without compromising on the steadiness required for precision shots.

Load Capacity: The KS-10’s impressive load-bearing capacity of up to 15kg  makes it a versatile foundation for a broad array of camera setups, from lightweight mirrorless systems to heavier DSLR configurations, ensuring that your creative vision is never limited by your equipment’s capability.

Innovative Features for Enhanced Performance:

  • The integration of a side-loading quick-release clamp coupled with a flip-lock design facilitates rapid and hassle-free camera mounting, streamlining the workflow for photographers.
  • A novel rotation mechanism enables the precise tightening of the ball by “hugging” it through the lowest knob. This not only maintains a low center of gravity but also ensures that the ball is securely locked in place, providing a sturdy and reliable support system.
  • The SIRUI KS-10 stands out for its innovation, quality, and versatility, making it an indispensable tool for photographers aiming to explore new perspectives, whether capturing the rugged beauty of uneven terrains or the subtlety of low-angle compositions.

In essence, the SIRUI KS-10 Low Gravity Series Ball Head is more than just a tripod head; it is a testament to SIRUI’s commitment to enhancing the photographic experience through innovation, quality, and a deep understanding of photographers’ needs. Its meticulously considered design and advanced features ensure that it is perfectly equipped to meet the demands of photographers who refuse to compromise on stability, flexibility, and durability


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Load Capacity

15 kg


Aluminium alloy

Base Diameter


Ball Diameter




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Sirui KS-10 Ball Head
Original price was: $139.00.Current price is: $111.20. inc. GST