Novoflex BAL-FUX Auto Bellows for FUJIFILM X-Mount

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  • All the flexibility that a bellows brings to macro and micro-photography with the addition of automatic control.
  • Full communication functions between camera and lens including autofocus and aperture adjustments.
  • Using standard and wide-angle lenses up to 35mm, you can achieve magnifications from 1:1 up to 7:1
  • Use a telephoto lens for a greater working distance. Add a second focusing rack to change focus without the need to adjust the bellows extension
  • Precision geared extension rail for smooth and precise adjustments of magnification and focus. Min. Extension: 2.9cm, Max. Extension: 11.6cm


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The Novoflex BAL-FUX Auto Bellows for FUJIFILM X-Mount is a compact macro bellow for Canon EOS EF mount DSLRs that retains full electronic coupling of the camera and lens, providing open-aperture metering and auto diaphragm operation. Lenses can be used in normal or reversed positions. For high macro magnifications beyond lifesize (1:1) reproduction, a bellows is the most flexible option, and the beauty of the Novoflex BAL-EOS is that it doesn’t need specialist lenses; a typical zoom will still produce excellent results but reversed or macro lenses will enable even greater magnifications to be achieved.

Any X-mount lens (up to a maximum diameter of 90mm) can be used with the bellows. The lens can be mounted either in a normal or reversed position. The filter thread size is 58mm, but this can easily be adapted to other sizes by means of a stepping ring.  Lenses of 50mm focal length or longer are typically mounted normally. Wide-angle lenses provide the best results – and higher magnifications – if they are mounted in reverse position.

The length of the bellows extension will determine the magnification. Focusing is done by moving the entire bellows assembly back and forth (note that although autofocus is supported, it becomes redundant at macro distances and is best turned off). For use on a tripod, a focusing rack will greatly facilitate operation.  Magnification can be calculated by dividing the bellows extension in mm over the focal length of the lens in mm.  The BAL-F bellows system is flexible, so the RETRO part of the auto bellows can be removed and other Novoflex adapters installed to enable use with enlarging lenses, film cameras, slide copiers etc.


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Novoflex BAL-FUX Auto Bellows for FUJIFILM X-Mount Rails, Bellows & Macro Accessories | Landscape Photo Gear |
Novoflex BAL-FUX Auto Bellows for FUJIFILM X-Mount
Original price was: $1,449.00.Current price is: $1,231.65. inc. GST