NiSi ATHENA PRIME Full Frame Cinema Lens ADD-ON Kit with 3 Lenses 18mm T2.2, 40mm T1.9, 135mm T2.2 + Hard Case (PL Mount)


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  • Add-On Kit (3 Lens Set) to complete the the original Athena 5 lens set including 18mm T2.2, 40mm T1.9, and 135mm T2.2
  • Full-frame and 46mm imaging circle covering focal lengths from 18mm ultra-wide angle to 135mm portrait focal length
  • Maximum micro-contrast control and ultra-low chromatic aberration for unparalleled image quality
  • Large aperture of T1.9 (40mm), T2.2 (18mm and 135mm) and soft bokeh for beautiful background separation
  • Rear filter mount for a more flexible workflow and creative control for filmmaking
  • Precisely engineered to minimize focus breathing, maintaining a consistent field of view during focus adjustments
  • Matched in weight and size (excluding 135mm), eliminating the need for rebalancing on a gimbal when switching between lenses
  • 77mm filter thread and matched aperture and focus rings across the range for easy use of lens accessories
  • Focus ring features 300° of rotation with fluorescent focal scales for precise focus pulls
  • Ideal for shooting feature films, documentaries, or music videos
  • Offers unparalleled image quality, flexibility, and creative control for filmmakers


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Introducing the NiSi ATHENA PRIME Add-On Cinema Lens Kit, featuring the three newest lenses in our ATHENA collection: the 18mm T2.2, 40mm T1.9, and 135mm T2.2, tailored for full-frame coverage and beyond. This expansion pack is designed to complement and complete your ATHENA PRIME set, broadening your creative horizons with its versatility and superior optical performance, accommodating everything from sweeping landscapes to intricate portraits.

This Add-On Kit enriches your filmmaking toolkit with cutting-edge lenses that maintain the series’ commitment to exceptional image quality. Each lens is crafted to provide maximum micro-contrast control and ultra-low chromatic aberration, delivering images of unparalleled clarity and detail. The varying apertures, from T1.9 to T2.2, along with their characteristic soft bokeh, add depth and emotional resonance to your visual narrative.

Designed with the filmmaker in mind, these lenses feature minimal focus breathing for a stable field of view across focus adjustments, essential for consistent and engaging storytelling. The set’s uniformity in iris and focus ring positions with the rest of the Athena range allows for quick, intuitive operation, a boon in fast-paced shooting conditions.

Equipped with a rear filter mount, the ATHENA PRIME lenses offer enhanced creative control, making it easy to add ND and Mist filters directly to the lens, optimizing workflow and efficiency on set. Despite the 135mm’s unique size, all lenses in this kit are designed for harmonious integration with your existing Athena Prime collection, with consistent operational features that streamline the filmmaking process.

This Add-On Kit not only extends your range of cinematic expression but is also designed for practicality on set. The uniform filter thread across the lenses and the matched aperture and focus rings simplify the use of additional accessories, while the focus ring’s 300° rotation and fluorescent focal scales provide precise focus control.

Encased in a durable hard case designed to accommodate these three lenses plus an additional lens for future expansion (total 9 lenses), this kit ensures your equipment remains protected and portable. The NiSi ATHENA PRIME Add-On Cinema Lens Kit is your path to expanded creative freedom, offering unmatched quality and versatility to elevate your filmmaking to new heights.

The Add-On Kit includes:

  • Athena 18mm T2.2
  • Athena 40mm T1.9
  • Athena 135mm T2.2
  • Hard Case (designed for 9 lenses)

Enhance your cinematic capabilities with the NiSi ATHENA PRIME Add-On Cinema Lens Kit, where every shot is an opportunity to showcase unmatched quality and creativity.

Additional information

Lens Mount

PL Mount


T1.9-T22, T2.2-T22

Aperture Blades


Imaging Circle


Gear MOD and Pitch

Focus: 0.8 MOD / 32 Pitch

Focus Rotation Angle


Front Diameter

80mm / 3.15"

Filter Thread Size



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NiSi ATHENA PRIME Full Frame Cinema Lens ADD-ON Kit with 3 Lenses 18mm T2.2, 40mm T1.9, 135mm T2.2 + Hard Case (PL Mount) Cinema Lens | Landscape Photo Gear |
NiSi ATHENA PRIME Full Frame Cinema Lens ADD-ON Kit with 3 Lenses 18mm T2.2, 40mm T1.9, 135mm T2.2 + Hard Case (PL Mount)
$5,899.00 inc. GST